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Did you get your fix of Oscar fashions last night? I sure did! I started watching the red carpet show sometime around 7pm. I was impressed by quite a few gowns, from Halle Berry to Queen Latifah to Anne Hathoway. I think my favorite thing was seeing Robin Roberts. It’s just so good to have her back.

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I noticed that there wasn’t as much bling as I’ve seen in previous years. I guess the dresses provided so much bling that accessories weren’t really necessary. But, naturally, I was on the hunt for nice jewels.

Since I didn’t see as many as I wanted, I decided to make my own. It’s no secret that I’m in love with my Bling Ball Bracelets. This time, I built five strands into one unique, copper cuff that blings as brightly as a shining star.

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One big difference between this beautiful bracelet and…

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