Us girls just LOVE purses!!!

Let’s create the purse lining, inside pocket, and install the purse feet for the Urban Summer Purse Tutorial~Part #2.  Just for consistancy…I left you with Step 4 in the last tutorial so I will begin Part#2 with step 5.

Materials Needed:

  • Lining (solid color fabric)
  • Pocket (printed fabric)
  • Purse Feet
  • Pellon Stabilizer
  • Magnetic Closure

Step 5

  • Cut out lining (2) solid color pieces 10 inches width x 16 1/2 inches length the same size as your full front and back panels
  • Cut out pocket 6 inches width x 11 1/2 inches length
  • Cut out Pellon stabilizer  3 1/2 inches width x 15 inches length
  • Cut solid any color fabric on the fold 4 1/2 inches width x 13 1/2 inches length (used as bottom of purse stabilizer)


Step 6

  • Iron seam allowance around pocket to hide raw edges
  • Place pocket in the center of the back panel and sew onto the right side of the fabric.  Sew a seam down the center of the…

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